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The Old Problem
The pigeon nesting habits have always caused sanitation and pollution problems in cities, and still mainly remain an unsolved issue. The pigeon-related issues affect public, private and commercial buildings, historical monuments, production sites, storage facilities, billboards – the list can go on and on.


The particular problems include, but not limited to:
Pollution of building objects, creating unappealing visual look;
Spread of diseases and contamination;
Oxidation of metals.

The New Solution

B-ST is a 100% natural and innovative bird-control solution developed by Anjin Co., and it the most efficient and widely recognized product on the Japanese market up to date. Taking a new approach to the old pigeon nesting problem, B-ST simply gets the job done, while remaining genuinely sustainable.


The main product features:
All-natural and herb-based, non-toxic, zero-VOC;
Absolutely safe for birds and humans;
The unique know-how targets bird’s psychological, behavioristic and nesting patterns;
Recommended for professional installation
Ideal for public and commercial buildings, historical monuments, warehouses, production sites, billboards, etc.;
Effective against pigeons and other small- and medium-sized birds;
Long-lasting effect, 3 years warranty.




B-ST is a gel type mixture based exclusively on herbs and flower oils that naturally deter birds. The B-ST is quickly perceived by birds through smell and sight. In turn, the material can temporarily be impregnated on the feathers making them uncomfortable.



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